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The Affects of Homelessness by Ammie Kae

Posted by Righteous Vibrations on


      A couple of summers ago, I had such a cool opportunity to take some of my social work classes in downtown Dallas. Here, I worked closely with an Americorps funded organization known to the Dallas community as CitySquare.

     CitySquare works with the homeless population, and they do so with an entirely new and clever approach. They completely wipe away any common homelessness stigmas by referring to clients as their neighbors and housing them amongst Dallas locals. The most interesting thing about CitySquare is their dedication to housing, which I got to see first hand.

    When working at CitySquare and taking my class, I got to meet a lot of CitySquare neighbors, but one older lady really stuck out to me. She was the kindest woman I have ever met, taking the city by storm in her dingy old wheelchair. We got to talk and laugh over my serving her food and her teaching me about love and compassion. She was what CitySquare considered most vulnerable, and luckily enough that meant despite her addictions, unemployment, and health concerns, she’d be at the top of the list to receive a home.

    This is one of the great things CitySquare does. It houses the most vulnerable individuals in the city. It embraces Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, and doesn’t expect the unrealistic from people before their basic needs are met. I believe this organization and others like it are on the brink of changing the world.

    Taking this into account, I’m sure you can understand why it grinds my gears that Donald Trump is defunding programs like Americorps in order to build up defense in America. If I could make Trump understand one thing, it would be a simple message taught to children from the infamous Dr. Seuss. “A person’s a person no matter how small!” Refusing to care about the people of America is absolutely neglecting the duties of the United States President.


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