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Posted by Righteous Vibrations on

We would love to share the meaning of our logo with you. Our name was created, because all things vibrate. With that being the case, we would like to vibrate righteously. We want the same for you as well.

Our colors are gold and black. Gold is a representation of illumination, love, compassion, courage, passion, magic and wisdom. Black is a representation of power, elegance, structure, boldness and prosperity.

There are four crescent moons in our logo. The crescent moon means bring forth, create, grow and thrive. At Righteous Vibrations, we want to create an element of peace and we want everyone to thrive and be their best selves.

Our logo also has the five-point star, which represents earth, air, fire, water and spirit. We know the importance of the Spirit being fed righteous energy. Of all the elements, the Spirit is paramount.

Our website and social media have the number 5 included, because that is the spiritual number for manifestation and our founder's favorite number. We claim bold passion for you as you pursue your endeavors.

We welcome you and hope you feel peace and love from our page. May you Vibrate Righteously!