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Our contributors are some amazing people. They each vibrate righteously and have a beautiful light glowing from within!


Candice M. is our contributor for Beauty and Wellness. She has been an active Natural Hair Vlogger since 2013. Originally from Georgia, she now resides in Southern California with her husband and children. Candice enjoys nurturing a healthy lifestyle, which includes a healthy hair regimen, workout routine and daily aspirations of positive energy. Her hope is to inspire and motivate others with similar objectives. You can follow Candice on Twitter and Instagram via @NativelyNatural

Ammie Kae is our contributor for Social Awareness. She is an undergraduate student at Abilene Christian University  studying Social Work, and currently serving at a nonprofit sexual assault and domestic violence emergency shelter. She is passionate about people, and always looking for ways to serve others. As of late, she has been spending time hanging out with the incredible kids at her community’s Boys and Girls Club with her boyfriend Shakur. She has recently started a group to mentor younger girls on her campus. In addition
to serving others, Ammie loves being spoiled by her brother and sister, writing poetry, eating seafood, and watching sad movies. You can follow Ammie Kae on Twitter via @ammiekae.

Joshua B. is known as the self-proclaimed "the weekend expat" and will be our Photojournalist, with a focus on Travel. Joshua knew at an early age that life was not meant to be spent in one place. Since graduating college in 2015, he has traveled to over 10 countries all while balancing a full-time job. In his free time, Joshua loves going on spontaneous adventures, playing around with is camera, and meeting new people. You can follow Joshua on Instagram via @mynameisyoshua

Kristina "KP" Patrice is our Editor in Chief. She's from Memphis, TN and currently lives in Phoenix, AZ. She is an author, poet and visionary. She's currently focused on encouraging and developing opportunities that create inner wellness, good vibes and heightened levels of peace. Dolphins and elephants are her favorite animals and her Granny and Goddaughter are her favorite girls. You can follow KP on Twitter via @KPMemphis10 and on IG via @KPMemphis901