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5 Steps to Positive Thinking by Candice M.

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It's no secret that we humans are a busy species. Not only are our lives hectic and active, but we sometimes find ourselves burdened down with the things that happen around us, such as breaking news headlines, natural disasters, and just life's daily challenges in general.  We are so preoccupied with setting alarms, meeting deadlines and "seizing the day" that sometimes we forget to nurture a clear viewpoint on things. 
Here are 5 easy ways you can start looking on the bright side, and getting the most out of the joys life has to offer!
1. Make it a priority
When you wake up in the morning, practice the expression of gratitude for the day. If you're religious or spiritual, you may find a short prayer to be beneficial to your perspective . If you are not religious or spiritual, you may discover that just by simply saying aloud to yourself, "It's good to be awake and see another day" can do wonders for your mental disposition. What we tell ourselves becomes our inner voice. So be a voice that brings you satisfaction. Even if it's raining, or you aren't feeling well, or the stress of yesterday is still lingering on your mind, try speaking a positive thought anyway. This will set the mood for a continued confident viewpoint.
2. Focus on the good
I personally feel like, as humans sometimes when things don't go as planned or unexpected difficulties arise, we tend to feel despair and may even lose the drive to continue. One way to make sure our minds never get depleted of happiness is to find something positive in all situations. Just like we train our muscles when we workout, we can train our brains too! After all, our brains behave just like muscles do! The more we seek out positive aspects, the more likely we are to automatically have a brighter frame of mind during the next trial life throws at us! 
3. Slow Down
In today's anxious world, most people feel they can't afford to take their time, or take a step back to reflect. But actually, you can! Time is the only thing that we, as living beings, have an abundance of. Try setting a daily appointment with yourself, even if it's just for a few minutes in the restroom (if you're a parent) or during your break at work. Within those short minutes, do things to calm your mind like breathing deeply, reflecting on something that made you smile, or listening to your favorite song. Doing so will allow your mind to take a quick break, regroup, and be refreshed with congenial and pleasant thoughts.
4. Keep a Journal
Writing down how you feel in a private, safe place can really help to take a load off of your mind. If you've had a bad day or an unexpected setback, sometimes telling others turns out to do more harm than good. But if you write those things down, this can serve as a sense of relief and comfort to you, bringing you instant clarity and a brighter outlook on things. I personally, like to write down motivating  quotes that reflect on how I feel, at a certain time. This way when I'm in a similar situation, I am able to look back on how I dealt with it before and be even more equipped to handle the situation with less stress.
5. Avoid Over-Analyzing
Best-selling author Karen Salmansohn once stated: "Worrying about how things might go wrong, doesn't help things to go right." I completely agree with this quote.  Becoming consumed with worry not only robs you of your joy, but it also plants negativity into your mind. There are two practices that can assist you in avoiding that roadblock to happiness called, "overthinking." First off, never jump to conclusions. When a situation arises, exhaust all possibilities before finalizing your view point on the matter.
Secondly, do not ever compare yourself, your personal situation or your journey with anyone else's. We are all different. When you begin to compare, you can become blind to your own growth and happiness due to obsessing over what another person's appears to be. 
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Happy Thinking!