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The #AFFIRMATION SERIES is inspired by author and motivational speaker, Louise Hay. The late Louise Hay was a woman who taught about the power of the words we use, self-love, positive energy, inner peace, law of attraction and spiritual healing. The #AFFIRMATION SERIES has items that reflect Righteous Vibrations.


The #DARLING SERIES is a collection of items that exemplify the Universe's most precious creation, the woman. Each item in this series gives the vibration of "love," "beloved," "sweetheart." These items remind women of their purpose as well as their effect on humankind. The #DARLING SERIES equally celebrates and admires women with Righteous Vibrations.


The #GOLD SERIES is inspired by Sean "Diddy" Combs. Diddy is a natural leader, motivational speaker, educator, positive vibration enthusiast, music mogul, wealth aficionado, brand ambassador and fashion icon. One of the colors he wears most frequently is gold, which makes gold the dominant theme in this series. Any item in this series is an item we feel Diddy would approve of, because of the message and the hue. The #GOLD SERIES promotes Righteous Vibrations.

The #Sincere Salutations Series is inspired by author, poet and screenwriter Kristina Patrice. This series contains greeting cards that speak from the soul and share a sense of peace and love that may be hard to put into words. One element that sets these greeting cards apart from others is that some are constructed primarily for loved ones who may be incarcerated or struggling with an emotional, physical or mental illness. The #Sincere Salutations Series greets the recipient with Righteous Vibrations.

The #TEMPLE TREATMENT SERIES is a collection of items that organically cater to the body. All items are 100% organic and are made to anoint the body with Righteous Vibrations.